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Safety at clubs and music venues is not being properly addressed

Safety at clubs and music venues is not being properly addressed

It is becoming increasingly evident that safety at clubs and music venues is not being properly addressed. We believe that action is urgently needed and I’m asking you as my GLA rep to formally take this up and progress with the Mayor, the LFEPA and the GLA.

The Save London Music campaign is starting work on trying to develop a safe venue protocol for London venues which we are hoping will start a debate to fix the problem of safety. We are looking to get support and feedback, but it will take some time to get right. We believe that if these issues aren’t addressed, it will have a hugely negative effect on the live music and club sector in London.

A few things we’ve identified as a priority are

All venues should have the following

  1. A published safety protocol that is clearly displayed.
  2. A named safety officer who has responsibility for dealing with issues (displayed prominently in the venue).
  3. A commitment to follow best practices (which is something that needs to be developed)
  4. A commitment to support the prosecution of anyone involved in any sort of assault.
  5. A blacklist of people who are known offenders is shared amongst all London venues.
  6. A proactive approach to safety.
  7. A protocol for ensuring that anyone who is in a state that renders them vulnerable is able to either get to the hospital or home safely.
  8. Ensure that all incidents are properly recorded, CCTV footage is preserved and shared with police and victims are kept informed of any progress (if appropriate)
  9. Ensure staff are properly trained to deal with issues in a sensitive and professional manner and their actions recorded.

The Police and the Mayor should do the following.

  1. Issue a safety rating for all venues, displaying a star rating showing their implementation of the above.
  2. A system to get people to a place of safety (home, hospital, safe place).
  3. Make a commitment to actively investigate and prosecute and circulate details of offenders.
  4. Ensure specialist officers are trained to deal with such cases.
  5. The Mayor and London Assembly to put together a task force to make this issue a priority.
  6. Banning orders for perpetrators from all London venues.

Local Authorities should

  1. Review and if necessary withdraw licences for venues that do not deal with safety issues in a professional matter
  2. Conduct spot inspections of venues, records, training records and protocols.

We are looking to ensure that this is dealt with and everyone can feel safe. If you have any views, please leave a comment. We have circulated these proposals with key London stakeholders at the London Assembly.