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BonaFideStudio has worked on thousands of projects, from fledgling teenage bands to Platinum-selling international artists and film soundtracks, offering affordable recording and rehearsal rates without compromising on quality.

From demos to “single” production packages and full albums, your project will be given the attention and enthusiasm it deserves. It becomes your studio, with a comfortable sofa, Wi-Fi, even free parking within our beautiful setting of Parkland Walk Nature Reserve.

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Work experience at BonaFideStudio

Work experience at BonaFideStudio

Almost since we started in 1999, we decided to develop a work experience scheme for over 18’s to give guidance to students involved in Music and Technology courses so that they can obtain an understanding of how recording and rehearsal studios operate.

What a ‘trainee’ will learn is how a studio runs day-to-day and the seemingly mundane tasks that make recording and rehearsal sessions run smoothly.

Lots of people who have done work experience with us have come back to work with us in some capacity, or have gone on to get jobs within the industry. We also know a lot of people who have concluded their placement knowing they no longer want to be engineers and have learned that this is not the job for them.

BonaFideStudio offers work experience placements for 6 months minimum, where we will get you involved in most of the day-to-day activities concerned with running a recording and rehearsal studio.

Unfortunately, the positions are voluntary and unpaid, 15 hours a week minimum.

In the beginning, you will probably not be working in the recording studio or using any of the equipment, however, experienced you may consider yourself, so please do not apply if this is your aim.  We also feel that if you work in another studio or operate your own home studio this is not a position for you.

After 6 months we may review your post and offer you paid recording sessions (20% from recording rate) but this is not a promise.

While we try to show you the mechanics of how a recording and rehearsal studio works the placement is not a training course. However, if the opportunity arises and we feel you are suitable we may try to get you on one of the sessions.

Time permitting, you can have 1-2-1 tutorials with one of our engineers who can offer incredibly good advice about how sessions operate based on their own experience and knowledge.

Some typical tasks include:

– Minding rehearsal rooms

– Some office duties (phone, bookings etc)

– Cleaning (and loads of it!)

– Facing clients and dealing with various requests

– Maintenance

If you get accepted you may find yourself on a long waiting list depending on the studio dynamic. Let us know your availability. Expect long and ungodly hours.

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