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MEB the Motor Centre’s top 8 songs to repair cars to

MEB the Motor Centre’s top 8 songs to repair cars to

We’re MEB the Motor Centre, based in Tottenham Lane, Crouch End. We’ve been asked by BonaFideStudio to write about music. We hope you like our article!

MEB MotorsAt MEB the Motor Centre, we know a thing or two about repairing cars. Some days are longer than others, and on those particularly long days, we like to sing these car-related songs and work in time to the beat.

Here are our top eight car-related tunes to work along to:

1) Greased Lightnin’ – John Travolta [Grease soundtrack] – perhaps a fantasy of all young wannabe mechanics… We get a bit carried away and love to do the Greased Lightnin’ dance and of course, all our cars end up looking like the Greased Lightning car once we’ve worked on them!

2) Little Red Corvette – Prince – with Prince currently popping up at small venues around London as part of his “Hit and Run” guerrilla tour, we like to pretend he’s dropped by our garage and is giving us our very own concert

3) Mustang Sally – The Commitments [soundtrack]– we’re not denying that Wilson Pickett’s original isn’t great but this version brought it to the masses. Every now and again we get to work on a Mustang (we see more Mustangs than Little Red Corvettes) and we all get in a line and pretend we’re the Commitments backing singers!

4) Driving in my car – Madness – North London boys Madness bought the car in the song in Primrose Hill. They also reference driving to Muswell Hill which is up the road from our garage (we’re based in Crouch End) so we could easily fix it if it broke down!

5) Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car – Billy Ocean – We love a bit of 80s and this one is particularly is good to sing along to. Check out the animation mixed with live-action in the video.

6) Drive My Car – The Beatles – we particularly like tooting horns in the “beep beep, beep beep yeah” sections

7) Car Wash – Rose Royce – we think every car wash outfit should be pumping this disco classic out. We might suggest it to our car wash neighbours

8) Drive (Who’s Gonna Drive You Home?) – The Cars – at the end of the disco (erm I mean working day), we like to end up with a bit of a slushy one after all it’s almost home time!

So those are our top eight songs to sing in our garage whilst repairing cars. If you have a car that needs fixing (or a song suggestion) we’d love to hear from you.

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PS – We’ve been shortlisted as finalists for the UK blog awards! You can read our blog here.