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Possible site for Muswell Hill Front Counter found!

Possible site for Muswell Hill Front Counter found!

Lynne Featherstone MP today contacted both the Haringey Borough Commander and Haringey Council’s property services – as a potential location for a Police contact point in Muswell Hill has been found.

A local resident contacted the Liberal Democrat MP during the week, suggesting that disused units on the Viaduct in Muswell Hill be used to accommodate a replacement police front counter.

The resident, Deanna Bogdanovic, has suggested that the Council houses the local Police free of charge in one of the Viaduct properties until alternative tenants can be found or, even better, that the Police are housed there permanently at a discounted rent. She has gathered support for the idea from fellow business owners.

The original Police front counter in Muswell Hill was very recently closed, as a part of the Conservative Mayor’s new crime plan for London, despite protests and campaigns by residents and the Local Liberal Democrats. This has limited public access to the police in the west of the borough.

At a previous meeting between the Hornsey and Wood Green MP and the Borough Commander, the Commander confirmed that he would be willing to maintain a front counter presence in Muswell Hill if a suitable alternative location could be found.

Muswell Hill resident and director of local music recording and rehearsal business BonaFideStudio (based under the viaduct), Deanna Bogdanovic, commented:

Since Muswell Hill police station closed down, residents feel less secure. If there’s a problem, they need to be able to meet face to face with local police who know and understand the area. At the same time, the local council owns five properties under the Viaduct which are currently unoccupied, going to waste, and are a liability to local businesses and homes in the area.

It makes perfect sense. Muswell Hill would have a local police presence once more, the businesses under the Viaduct would be far more secure and the Council would have one less empty property to worry about!

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

It has taken a while, but finally we have a lead on a replacement police front counter for Muswell Hill. I’d like to thank all the residents who signed the Lib Dem petition to keep a police presence in Muswell Hill, and thank Deanna for bringing the idea to my attention.

I was more than happy to get the ball rolling. I met Victor Olisa this morning and have emailed Haringey Council’s property services. I hope they will work together to investigate this option.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome!

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