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5 Things Bands Can Prepare Before Entering A Recording Studio by Kieran McCarthy

5 Things Bands Can Prepare Before Entering A Recording Studio by Kieran McCarthy

If your band is planning on recording one song, an EP or even a whole album, then you should keep some of the following tips in mind. These tips can save you time and money, as well as making your studio experience that much more worthwhile.

#5. Prepare Your Song(s)

This may seem obvious but sometimes it just gets blatantly overlooked. The last thing you want to do, when you’re working on a budget in a studio, is to waste time figuring out the arrangement of a song. Things like lyrics, amp settings or the tempo, should all be decided on before even booking the studio. Expecting to write the perfect guitar riff on the day of recording is putting a lot of pressure on yourself and could easily backfire. The more time that you spend finalizing everyone’s parts in the song, the more time that you can spend in the studio laying down the perfect take.

#4. Practice Makes Perfect

Again, this may seem obvious, but ask yourself some questions: Can you play the song? Can you play it well? It’s not uncommon to feel a bit nervous when the sound engineer is about to press the record button. The best way to make sure that your nerves don’t get the better of you on the day is to practice the song until you’re fully comfortable with it.

Since you have already read tip #5, you should now know the arrangement of the song, which also means that you now know when to play each of your parts. Practising not only makes sure that you know your parts, but it also means that your guitar/drums/vocals will sound more confident and overall this translates into a better sounding take. Also, don’t forget, if you plan on recording to a click track, then you should practice with one. Don’t know if you need a click track or not? Then you should definitely…

#3. Book A Consultation

Aside from telling you boatloads of useful information, booking a consultation with a sound engineer could save you both time and money. It even gives you a better chance of achieving the sound that you’re aiming for. The best part about a consultation is that it’s 100% free at least with the studio of my choice BonaFideStudio.
BonaFideStudio sound engineers have years of experience and are more then willing to answer any questions that you might have. They can tell you how much time that you would need to book in the studio, so you avoid booking unnecessary or insufficient hours, and also advise you on the most effective ways to record your band under your budget. A consultation also allows for the sound engineer to plan ahead for you session, again, saving you time.

#2. Make Your Instruments Sound As Good As They Can

Now is the time to make sure all of the equipment that you’ll be using is in good working order. No sound engineer in the world can make old, worn-out strings and drum heads sound new again. Make sure that you replace old strings and drum heads a couple of days before you enter the studio. Fixing any squeaks on the drum kit is also essential. Singers should take extra care of their voice in the days leading up to recording. Other things to consider are the guitar intonation, crackling volume pots and pedal batteries. Don’t forget to have spare strings handy, just in case one breaks, they could be a lifesaver!

#1. General Well-Being

Partying the night before you enter the studio is not highly recommended. Get a good nights rest and you’ll have a clear head for any decisions that might need to be made during your recording session. The last thing to remember is to relax and have fun. Recording a song can be a really enjoyable experience that not everyone gets to do during their lifetime.