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Rock the Festival Circuit: Your Guide to Getting Gigs and Growing Your Fanbase

Rock the Festival Circuit: Your Guide to Getting Gigs and Growing Your Fanbase

With the verdant splendour of summer comes music festival season, a time when fans flock to stages in parks, fields, and city streets to cheer for their favourite acts or discover new ones. For unsigned indie acts, getting booked at music festivals is a prime feather in the cap towards building a bigger fan base.

Start Local to Succeed

No matter how talented, a band or solo act likely won’t be playing Glastonbury or Download on their first go-round. Be realistic with your expectations. Imagine concentric circles around your hometown on a map. With due diligence, these ever-expanding circles will soon be shaded in with festival gigs.

Prep Your EPK

Before contacting any festival about playing, make sure you have an EPK (electronic press kit) complete with music samples. Most larger city festivals drawing big-name acts usually have a local or emerging artist’s stage. If you’ve garnered attention in local newspapers, magazines, or music blogs, getting a festival slot in your hometown shouldn’t be too hard.

Impress Talent Bookers

Show talent bookers that you work at the business side of music as well as the music itself. Ensure your website is up-to-date, especially with high-res photos and upcoming gigs, and that your social networking pages are active. This is where the booking agent will likely look first before listening to consider your act.

Don’t Forget the Merch

As you probably won’t be paid for your performance, don’t forget to bring merch to sell to all the new fans you will gain by playing your festival gig and at least earn your expenses back.

Book Early

Music festivals only book once a year, so they tend to fill out their schedules sooner rather than later, especially with lesser-known acts. Begin the booking process early. If it’s a spring or summer festival, get in touch during autumn, not winter. You might be late for this season unless someone pulls out last minute, but it’s worth a try.

Rock the festival circuit and watch your fanbase grow!